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  • AP Coilovers

  • Designed and manufacturered by one of Europe's largest suspension manufacturers, AP coilovers have gone on to become real strong competitors in the market for budget coilovers across the world.

    Height adjustable, AP coilovers make it easier than ever for you to change the height of your vehicle, giving it the stance and appearance you want, certain to get it turning heads on the street. It's not just about looks though, the damping level of these coilovers has been increased by approximately 25-30%, meaning that they will significantly reduce body roll, whilst still keeping the fun in driving. Add in a firmer, sportier, but not to hard ride, and improved handling, and its not hard to see why these coilovers are becoming increasingly popular.
    Along with looking and feeling good, when you choose AP coilovers you can be sure that you will be getting a reliable product too as these coilovers are all rigorously tested and German TUV quality approved, ensuring that they are durable enough to withstand any punishment you wish to throw at them, whether it be battling with hairpins on a race track, narrow country lanes, or just getting over the pot holes on a city street
  • BC Coilovers
  • BC Coilovers?

    For many years BC have have been providing hardcore car enthusiasts and tuners across the world with high quality suspension, packed with many innovative and useful features such as camber adjustable top plates. BC coilovers have been designed to perform to the highest quality possible, even when the car has been lowered to the deck, whereas other brands reduce the amount of damper travel and the ride then becomes unforgivable and uncontrollable. The height of BC coilovers is adjusted using the lower shock mount, which allows the dampers to maintain their full travel, ultimately enhancing your cars grip in the tricky, twisting corners of the back roads and grueling race tracks. Every single product produced by BC Racing is checked on their in house damper dyno, so, the geniuses at BC are 100% confident that every kit they build will have exactly the same compression and rebound damping rates. The coilovers from BC Racing are a direct replacement for your original manufacturer suspension kits, so, it's no hassle to get them installed. BC coilovers have become well known and widely accepted among car enthusiasts around the globe and they are regarded as one of the best companies in the business.

    BR Series Street and Circuit Coilover


    • Pillowball upper mountBC Coilovers
    • Camber adjustable top mounts
    • Aluminium top plates
    • 30 way adjustable damping
    • Adjustable spring platform
    • Height adjustment via bottom mount to retain full damper travel
    • Bearing mounted upper front spring platform
    • Dust boot to protect damper seals

    * some features are dependent on model

    The BR series coilovers use a large 46mm diameter piston in a 53mm diameter damper body to maximise oil capacity.

    As the damper unit opearates the oil contained within heats up. The viscosity of oil changes as its temperature varies which can lead to changes in the damping characteristic of the unit.

    BC Racing only use a very high quality oil with their coilovers but go that extra mile to maximise performance and build their BR range with a large 53mm diameter damper body. This increases the capacity of the unit which increases the volume of oil contained which in turn reduces the peak temperature and so significantly improves damper performance.

    Corner weight adjustment:

    The lower spring platform of the BC Racing coilovers are adjustable. This allows the car to be set up for corner weighting to achieve perfect balance and ensures that maximum tyre efficiency is achieved.

    The car needs to be placing equal weight on each tyre on an axle so both front tyres need to be taking equal loading as do both rears. This makes sure that both tyres are doing their equal share of work when cornering which increases overall grip, maximises corner speed and reduces lap times.

    Optional assister springs can be purchased to allow wheel droop to be dialled into the unit to suit specific needs.

    Ride height adjustment BR series coilovers

    Ride height is determined by the position of the coilover bottom mount. The mount can be wound up and down the damper body to give a full range of adjustment from near standard ride height to so low it wouldn’t be drivable on the road.

    Because ride height is determined by an adjustable bottom mount rather than spring platform you retain full damper travel regardless of the ride height run.

    Damping adjustment:Damping adjustment

    BR coilovers feature 30 way damping adjustment that combines both rebound and compression in one adjuster for simplicity and ease of use. This adjustable facility allows you to fine tune the vehicle to meet the relevant conditions.

    By tweaking front and rear damping you can adjust the way the car handles. Increasing damping force on the rear relative to the front, for example, will start moving the vehicle into a more oversteer orientated stance.

    If you want to go drag racing in a rear wheel drive car then you want the back of the car to squat off the line to maximise weight transfer to the rear and therefore onto the rear tyres. This maximises traction and helps prevent wheel spin. To achieve this you would soften the rear dampers to allow faster compression. If you had the rear dampers set to hard, as you might run the car on a race track, then the car would be less inclined to squat so traction would be reduced.

    Conversely, if you want to go drifting and are finding it hard to break traction and are having problems with understeer then making the rear dampers harder will help reduce traction whilst making the front dampers softer will give greater front traction. This will make the rear of the car looser whilst minimising understeer thus altering the vehicles handling characteristics more towards drift than drag, road or track.

    Pillowball upper mountPillowball (rose joint) upper mount:

    Many of the BC Racing BR coilovers come with pillowball upper mounts. The mount itself is made from aluminium alloy, anodised and then bead blasted to give a high quality, durable finish.The pillowballs themselves are of Japanese manufacture and their solid nature eliminates any flex or play associated with the standard rubber mounts so improving response and handling.

    Camber adjustment:

    If its possible to include camber adjustment on your vehicle then the BC Racing coilovers automatically include camber adjustable aluminium pillowball top mounts. These feature the same high quality Japanese manufactured pillowball but give the added benefit of an adjustable top mount that allows camber to be set to suit your needs be it road, track or drift.

    Corrosion protection:

    The damper units are black chromed steel to give superb durability even through the darkest of European winters. The aluminium components (top mounts, locking collars etc) are anodised and the steel lower mounts go through an electrophoretic disposition process followed by powder coating. A random selection of steel components (brackets, dampers, screws etc) are put through a salt spray test once a month to check the quality of the protective processes and that anti corrosive properties are kept at the highest possible standard.

    High quality coil springsHigh quality coil springs:

    BC Racing coilovers only use the highest quality steel for their spring manufacturer. They are produced from SAE9254 high strength durable cold wound steel. The springs are compression tested through over 500,000 cycles with less that 5% deformation.

    Patented concave lower locking collar:

    Coilovers use a locking collar to prevent the bottom mount becoming loose. If the bottom mount becomes loose then the damper body can work its way down into the bottom mount so reducing ride height on that one corner which can lead to dangerous handling characteristics. This is a very common problem for coilovers in general. BC Racing utilise an innovative and patented designed lower locking collar with a bevelled edge that seats into a corresponding bevel in the coilover bottom mount. This vastly increases the surface area that the locking collar works on and so prevents the common and dangerous problem of the locking collars working loose.

    High quality oil:

    BC Racing dampers use a sophisticated shim stack design and high quality oil to consistently control the compression and rebound speed of the damper rod even under the most extreme conditions.

    As the vehicles travels over rough ground the compression and rebound motion of the damper rod heats the oil. Poor quality dampers use cheap oil whose characteristics alter with varying temperatures. Its vital that high quality oil is used that can maintain consistent viscosity under a wide temperature operating range. Once the oil start to degrade, its properties change leading to damping changes leading to changes in the vehicles handling characteristics.

    BC Racing ensures that only high quality oil is used so that damping rates are maintained not only for the moment in hand (i.e. whilst out for a back road blast on or track) but that long term longevity is maximised with oil that doesn’t degrade quickly over time thus extending the dampers operating life significantly.

    Nitrogen pressurised dampers:

    When you work a damper hard on track or on high speed bumpy roads you can cause the oil to aerate and cavitation can occour. This causes foaming which effectively reduces the oils viscosity and so reduces the units damping effect. High quality oil goes a long way to help reduce this problem but BC Racing go one step further and pressurise the dampers with nitrogen. The nitrogen exerts a pressure on a floating piston which in turn exerts a permanent pressure on the oil dramatically reducing aeration and so improving the consistency and quality of the damping. The pressurised nitrogen also adds an additional element of effective spring rate to the damper unit.

    Bearing mounted upper spring platform:

    Because the spring twists as it compresses it is very important to minimise stiction between the spring and its seats. If this tension is not relieved then spring binding can occur leading to the spring rate effectively altering slightly as the spring compresses and extends. The tension generated can lead to rapid deterioration of the spring pearches and in extreme cases can cause the spring platform and locking collars to loosen. This can lead to the platform and locking collars ‘walking’ down the damper resulting in un even ride height and danger of the spring dislocating under full damper extension.

    The friction between spring and seats also has an effect on steering effort as the springs are physically turned with the wheels. This introduces additional unnecessary friction into the steering system which has a knock on detrimental effect on the vehicles handling characteristics.

    The bearing mounted upper spring platform is one of BC Racings innovative designs. By vastly reducing stiction between the spring and its seats the BC Racing units avoid the above problems thus improving the efficiency of the steering system and allowing the spring and damper to work as designed.

    Optional upgrades:

    Damper adjusting extenders – to save you the time and trouble of removing the parcel shelf each time you want to adjust the damping on your BC Racing coilovers we can offer pairs of adjuster extenders. These attach to the adjuster knob on the top of the coilover and are available in three lengths, 110mm, 200mm and 250mm. They attach in seconds with a simple grub screw design.

    Assister spring perch – you might prefer to run some droop with your coilovers or maybe you want to alter the ride by adding an additional smaller assister spring. The spring perch and assister springs allows you to do this. The springs are available in a wide range of spring rates.

    Pillowball top mount – some applications come with hardened rubber top mounts as standard to ensure the highest quality ride and keep costs as reasonable as possible for road use but we often offer a pillowball upgrade for these vehicles should you want to remove this flex and make the car a little more hardcore. Upgrading to pillowball eliminates the flex inherent in even the hardened rubber used by BR Racing so improving the handling for those looking for the ultimate.

    We are currently updating our website so please bear with us, to find a BC kit for your car please get in touch.
  • Bilstein Coilovers
  • Bilstein Coilovers


    With the BILSTEIN B14 threaded ride height adjustable kit, we’re bringing technology from the race track onto the street.
    • Threaded body adjustable range of 20 mm at both axles, while installed
    • Lowering of approx. 30-50 mm at front and rear
    • Road-tested by BILSTEIN under motor sports conditions and fine-tuned
    • Spring plates and lock nuts made from a special aluminium alloy
    • Surface coating using Triple-C-Technology® for long-lasting corrosion resistance
    • Round threads for perfect handling
    • Quality sport springs made from highly durable material
    • Gas pressure technology
    • BILSTEIN mono-tube/Upside-Down technology, made in Germany
    • German TÜV certificate



    The new power class created by BILSTEIN engineers aims to achieve the ultimate in driving enjoyment based on individual requirements.

    • 10 settings for parallel damping adjustment
    • Rebound and compression phases can be selected in parallel via the adjusters with the unit in situ
    • Individual settings ranging from extreme sportiness right up to the highest level of driving comfort
    • Threaded body adjustable range of 20 mm at both axles, while installed
    • Lowering of approx. 30-50 mm at front and rear
    • Road-tested by BILSTEIN under motor sports conditions and fine-tuned
    • Spring plates and lock nuts made from a special aluminium alloy
    • Surface coating using Triple-C-Technology® for long-lasting corrosion resistance
    • Round threads for perfect handling
    • Quality sport springs made from highly durable material
    • BILSTEIN mono-tube/Upside-Down technology, made in Germany
    • German TÜV certificate


    We can deliver your new Bilstein Coilovers within 3-4 working days from point of order, subject to clearance of payment.

  • FK Coilovers
  • FK Coilovers
    FK Automotive are a coilover suspension kit manufacturer with one of the largest product ranges in Europe
    With all products manufactured in Germany in their own factory, you can be sure that FK Automotive Coilovers are made to the very highest quality.
    When it comes to picking the right coilovers for your car, getting the right set up is crucial, and with FK Automotive the right set up is easy to achieve. Depending on your vehicle or your style you are able to lower your ride up to an incredible 75mm!
    FK coilovers are available in different categories and price ranges, including the High Sport coilovers, the royal sport coilovers, the Silverline coilovers and the Silver Line X coilovers. Another product line of FK coilovers are the AK and the AK Street coilovers. They are similar in construction to our high-quality coilovers and are much cheaper. They are ideal for beginners who are looking to take the plunge into car tuning.
    One of the many advantages of having coilovers is so you can change the ride height of your car depending on what setup you prefer on a chosen day, whether it be on a track or a road to work. FK Automotive coilovers bring out the true race driver in you, by giving you the ultimate thrills in the corners without the spills.
  • H&R Coilovers
  • Ever since recognising the demand for premium suspension kits perfect for use out on the street, but with features fit for racing around the track, H&R have been designing and manufacturing coilovers perfect for any car enthusiast.

    Just like any coilovers the H&R range are adjustables, and since first going to market they have been extremely well received by the car tuning community, no doubt due to the fact that they're perfect for the streets and the racetrack, thanks to the clever H&R engineers fine tuning each coilover shock to ensure better handling and a fantastic ride whilst looking fantastic too.
    Not only do they look and feel good though, H&R coilovers are rigorously tested and pushed to their limits before release, ensuring that whatever you throw at them our on your travels, they will stay strong and will be able to take it.
    We are currently updating our website so please bear with us, to find a H&R kit for your car please get in touch.
  • Koni Coilovers
  • Koni have been around since 1972 and the industry leader in aftermarket suspension for OEM vehicles, theres no doubting Koni's credentials and it comes as no surprise to hear that they provide some of the very best coilover kits available today.

    The fact they have worked alongside the Aston Martin racing team on several projects tells you just about all you need to know about Koni and their knowledge of what makes a sporty car handle well, so if you like to think of yourself as a bit of a sports star out on the roads, then Koni is definitely the brand for you.

    Koni coilover kits consist of four chrome Koni sport shock absorbers, offering adjustable lowering of up to 60mm, meaning that whatever stance you wish to give your car you can achieve it, whilst also giving your vehicle greatly improved handling, and giving it a stunning appearance boost as well.

    So, its clear that Koni coilovers certainly look and feel the part, but can they stand up to plenty of vigorous usage? Well, the fact that they're TUV approved and tested extensibely on Germany's high speed Autobahn means that you can rest assured when it comes to durability too!

  • Ohlins Coilovers
  • Ohlins Coilovers

    Swedish company Öhlins are one of the leading manufacturers of high performance coilover and suspension kits in Europe, and having been part of the motorsport industry for more than 30 years, you can rest assured that they have the passion and expertise to provide a top quality coilover set for your car.

    Ohlins coilovers have been used on an impressive array of vehicles across many forms of motorsport, meaning that they have to be made to the very highest standards, and give the best ride possible - which is exactly what they do! Easily adjustable, not only will Ohlins coilovers improve the handling and ride of your car, but you can also achieve the exact style and stance that you want.
    It's not just in terms of comfort and look that Ohlins coilovers excel however, they are also incredibly strong and durable, ensuring that whatever you throw at them, be it a hairpin bend on a track, a bumpy country road or a pot hole covered town street, they will be able to take it, whilst keeping you in relative comfort!
    We are currently updating our website so please bear with us, to find a Ohlins kit for your car please get in touch.
  • Prosport Coilovers
  • PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT the Manufacurer of these products. For replacement parts, inidividual coilovers/bits please Google search and find "Prosport Performance" and contact them

    Pro Sport is a combination of heritage that's been reworked with a degree of 21st century styling to bring about this new brand, which with some good fortune appears to have already taken prominence in the UK`s suspension market. 

    Strong, durable and fully height adjustable, Pro Sport Coilovers - which are TUV approved - are certain to absorb the shocks of any bumps in the road, giving you a more comfortable ride whilst making your vehicle have the exact stance that you want. Not only that, but a set of Pro Sport coilovers will also help you to improve the handling of your car, decreasing body roll so that you won't be thrown across the vehicle when you go around tight corners!

    Whilst the price of a coilover kit from Pro Sport may often be somewhat cheaper than its competitors, that certainly does not mean that the quality has been sacrificed, as Pro Sport are widely regarded as some of the very best value for money available on the market today.

    We strictly recommend that all kits should be installed by a competent mechanic/technician!

    PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT the Manufacurer of these products. For replacement parts, inidividual coilovers/bits please Google search and find "Prosport Performance" and contact them

  • Skunk2 Coilovers
  • Skunk2 Coilovers
    With over a decade of road and drag racing and suspnsion tuning experience, it is no surprise Skunk2 Racing have become one of the leading manufacturers of coilovers. The technology that was used in the many racing championships is now being used in the latest line of Skunk2 Racing coilover suspensions.
    Skunk2 Racing's track and street tested coilover suspension kits offer brilliant balance whether you are looking to use your car for the daily drive to work, drop the kids off at school or for the real passionate petrol head out there looking to shave seconds off of their lap time around their beloved race track.
    With the highly respected coilovers from Skunk2, enthusiasts and modifiers can quickly and accurately set their vehicles ride height, to dramatically improve the cars cornering ability and balance in the most tricky and demanding of corners.
    Lowering your car is often the best way to turn it in to the ultimate road legal go-kart without breaking the law. So, if you are an avid petrol head, a daily road user looking to turn more heads, or a master of the track looking to improve your cars handling ability and shave off valuable seconds from your lap times to pass that chequered flag in 1st place, then, the Skunk2 Racing coilovers are the perfect choice for you.
    Skunk2’s Pro Series Coilovers are based on more than 15 years of racing and suspension tuning experience. The advanced technology we’ve employed through our road racing and drag racing efforts is applied to every Pro-S II and Pro-C Coilover system. Our track- and street-tested valving offers the perfect balance between daily commuting and spirited, performance driving. Pro Series Coilovers feature mono-tube construction, shortened shock bodies, and reduced shaft strokes in order to maintain adequate suspension travel on lowered vehicles for improved performance and comfort. Pro Series Coilovers also allow for quick and precise ride-height adjustments for improved handling response, cornering ability, stability, and balance.
  • Spax Coilovers
  • Spax Coilovers

    The Spax RSX is a ride height and stiffness adjustable suspension kit, designed for ultimate performance, race engineering and 100% stainless steel technology. They are krypton gas pressued, feature adjustable stiffness dampers, all adjustments made with no dismantling.

    If you want the ultimate suspension kit to transform the handling characteristics of your car and to adjust the ride height too, then SPAX RSX is the answer. RSX kits contain all of the key features and benefits of the PSX kits, plus allow you to adjust the ride height of the car using 100% Stainless Steel Height Adjusters. RSX also allows you to set the corner weights of your car, which means you can control the weight distribution, improving the balance and grip of the car. Because RSX is a “Coil-Over” design, it comes with narrower, uprated race type springs, which means you can fit larger diameter wheels

    Controlling the damper stiffness allows you to alter the suspension set up to perfectly suit your style of driving. The result is more driver confidence and this means more enjoyment!

    Some suspension kits may give your car cool looks and adjustable ride height. SPAX RSX Suspension Kits deliver so much more!

    SPAX RSX kits contain 4 uprated, shortened, 28 stage on-car adjustable dampers, matched to a set of Chrome Silicone race type springs. SPAX engineers have developed these kits to produce total control and razor sharp handling. RSX dampers are uprated, shortened and pressurised with Krypton gas. This ensures that high speed performance is ultra stable, fade free and therefore significantly improved. The result is maximum cornering speed and traction, minimum braking distance and roll. Maximum adrenaline when you want it, minimum adrenaline when you don’t! RSX kits are adjustable for ride height on the car, with no dismantling. RSX is ideal for track days and fast road applications because you can transform your car’s handling and ride height from “drive to work” to “track day” or “show car” in minutes!

    For more information regarding the Spax RSX Coilover range please speak to one of our team or visit the Official Spax Suspension website

  • ST Suspension
  • Need to get low? ST coilovers feature a continuous thread construction for height adjustment from moderate to eXtreme! Each coilover is manufactured by KW Automotive and their expertise and know how ensures maximum quality and fantastic driving dynamics.

    Once installed, the ST X coilover can be easily adjusted using a polyamide ring on the galvanized, multiple-sealed strut. Adjustment is different for each car, but typically you can expect between 35 and 65mm of lowering on both the front and rear axles. For lowered cars as standard (such as the BMW E9x 3-series) the ST X coilover features a range of 30 to 60mm (front axle) and 25-55mm (rear axle).

    Improved driving dynamics and handling

    Designed in conjunction with KW Germany, ST X coilovers deliver a sporty handling by reducing the car’s bodyroll during compression as well as improving agility when driving fast. The high-quality production of each ST X coilover includes a low-friction and pressure resistant housing alongside a chrome-plated piston rod for maximum longevity. A mono block guide and ST seal package ensures the twin-tube dampers remain free of dirt particles in all weather conditions.

    Lowering with St\Tyle: the ST X coilovers

    • Individual lowering within the TÜV-tested adjustment range
    • Front and rear axle thread adjustment (when possible)
    • Galvanized coilover struts with additional coating for optimized corrosion protection
    • Complete solution with adjustable spring plate, race spring system and bumpers with dust protection
    • Powerful twin-tube dampers with high-quality components for maximum longevity
  • V-Maxx Coilovers
  • V-Maxx Coilovers

    Now sold in over 65 countries around the world, V-Maxx coilovers have become a well recognised and respected brand within the car tuning scene. The team behind the V-Maxx brand have many years of experience in the sports suspension market and are continually researching, developing and bringing new kits to market to improve the product range that they can offer.

    V-Maxx coilovers now represent some of the best value suspension brands currently available having won a number of awards over the past two years, being the only suspension brand to win both the 2008 and 2009 Fast Car Awards, and the fact that they are also TÜV-approved and come complete with a two year warranty makes them a more than worthwhile addition to your car tuning kit.
    Having been designed to be easily adjustable, V-Maxx coilovers are perfect for changing the height of your car, whether its just tweaking the stance or full on slamming your vehicle, V-Maxx is definitely the brand for you.
    Thanks to their on-going commitment in coilover kit development the range has grown significantly to well over two hundred applications and shows no signs of stopping, meaning that you should always keep your eyes open for another new and exciting offering from the V-Maxx team.