H&R Coilovers

Ever since recognising the demand for premium suspension kits perfect for use out on the street, but with features fit for racing around the track, H&R have been designing and manufacturing coilovers perfect for any car enthusiast.

Just like any coilovers the H&R range are adjustables, and since first going to market they have been extremely well received by the car tuning community, no doubt due to the fact that they're perfect for the streets and the racetrack, thanks to the clever H&R engineers fine tuning each coilover shock to ensure better handling and a fantastic ride whilst looking fantastic too.
Not only do they look and feel good though, H&R coilovers are rigorously tested and pushed to their limits before release, ensuring that whatever you throw at them our on your travels, they will stay strong and will be able to take it.
We are currently updating our website so please bear with us, to find a H&R kit for your car please get in touch.
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