Coilovers vs Lowering Springs - Which ones are better?

One of the many debates in the car world is, 'Coilovers or Springs?' This question will no doubt come up in every online car forum, car magazine and so on, and to be fair it's a question that needed to be asked and ultimately be answered. So, this post is going to help you choose the best sort of suspension for your vehicle, and hopefully put to bed this long, old debate.

Which is best for stance?

This all comes down to your preference, if you simply want your vehicle to be lowered by an inch or 2 and leave it at that, without paying a fortune, then maybe some springs is all you need. However, with springs, you aren't left with much room to manoeuvre, where as with a set of coilovers, you can adjust the ride height and stiffness at any given time, and they also allow you to lower your vehicle much more than a set of springs, not to mention some coilovers also allow you to raise your vehicle.

What gives me the best ride?

Well, when it comes to upgrading your standard suspension with either coilovers or springs, you better prepare yourself for a much firmer drive, as both are designed to lower your car and make your ride harder, so you can grip to corners better. But with a set of coilovers, you can adjust the stiffness of your ride, this is especially handy if you are looking to have a super firm ride so you can go flat out in the corners, or you can adjust them to be much softer, and still have good cornering abilities, whilst still looking the bees knees. With a set of springs, you will have a hard ride no matter what, without the awesome cornering abilities of coilovers. Therefore coilovers give you a better ride.

Which are more suitable in the long run?

When you purchase a set of coilovers, you are replacing the standard shocks with ones that have been made to handle the pressures of a firmer and faster ride, where as if you choose springs, you will have to change the shock absorbers with a new set at a later date, as your standard shocks have not been made to cope with the pressures. Many people have replaced their standard suspension with lowering springs, without changing their shock absorbers, meaning it all ends in tears, as one side could collapse, damaging the whole front/rear end of your car.

Why Should I Choose Coilovers?

Coilovers not only allow you to modify your car, to make it look amazing and corner like a boss, but thanks to them being adjustable, they allow you to fully tailor your vehicles handling to your driving style. This is something you simply do not get with lowering springs.Hopefully this post has given you an answer to that grand old question of which is best - hands down it's coilovers, they might be much more expensive than springs, but it will pay off in the long run.

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